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Le Petit Brevet 2023 - Intention to ride

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

This weekend plays host to a number of fantastic cycling events throughout NZ. The fourth Grand Tour will wrap up in Invercargill, the Hill Climb series kicks off, Muddy Gumboots 6hr Blast and the art of groveling up hills returns to Banks Peninsular.

It has been mentioned by some that Le Petit is their "'A' Race for the year" - quite a claim when I know what else they achieved this year.

Anyway - here is the key info and starting list for all those intending to ride...

Briefing: Hansen Park 6am Saturday

Ride starts: At the end of the briefing

GPX Files: Can be found here

Social Media Tags: #lepetitbrevet @greatkiwigravel (FB), (insta)

Riders intending to ride...

200km (AKA: A nice weekend out)

David Eglesfield

Rhys Palmer

Randall Grenfell

Alison Scarlet

Tim Daley

Nicole Montgomery

Annie Cooper

James McLafferty

Adam Somogyi

Anneliese Carlson

Simon Waterhouse

Brigette Bilbe

Will Mathieson

300km (AKA: The OG / K2 Challenge)

Martin Strelka

Joseph Nation

Fleur Pawsey

Grant Day

Dan Major

Ben Hunter

Rose Keen

Adam Morris

Max Hides

Felicity Hayman

Madness (A really long way, far too much climbing)

Myles Gibson

We look forward to seeing you all at Hansen Park in time for some banter and hopefully good weather.

Happy riding all

The crowd will not be this big

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