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Le Petit Brevet

The LPB is all about just a bunch of people choosing to meet up and ride around Banks Peninsular on the same day at the same time. 

Oh and it is really hard, think 300km, 10,000m of climbing. 

The next Le Petit Brevet grand depart is scheduled for Saturday 9th of November 2024.

Details / Info

The route is designed to be ridden over the course of a weekend, starting at Sunrise Saturday morning from Hansen Park, the course closes at 8pm on Sunday night. This allows for around 38 hours on course. 

There are three course options: 'A nice weekend out' (GPX here) for those who want an achievable challenge, 'The Original-ish' (GPX) and a 'It's not fun unless it is type 2 fun' (Ride to every bay on the Peninsula) 


Pre Grand Depart Chat

There will be a short briefing prior to the start of the event, (5:50am Saturday morning) only to say 'hi' to everyone, recap on the challenge and spirit of the ride and to get a few photos. It also serves as a great opportunity to dish out any last minute encouragement and advice for safely enjoying your weekend.


This is a very casual ride that sees riders enjoy all aspects of Banks Peninsula, as a result registration is similarly low key - all that is required is for riders to publicly signal their intend to ride via posting on Social media, tagging #lepetitibrevet. The real registration is lived out by actually showing up and taking on the challenge. 


Established in 2010 by Tim Mulliner, the Le Petit Brevet starts and finishes in Christchurch. Over the years there have been various routes over Banks Peninsular all including eye water amounts of climbing and some horrific weather. The weather has nothing to do with the ride organiser. 


For inspiration, please check out the original blog, it is a fantastic source of helpful stories, photos, and handy links.

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