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Big Finish Line Party

Annually in October the #BigFinishLineParty AGM convenes. Each year they choose the town for the following year. We head off and create a loop course to be ridden, finishing in the chosen town. 

The catch... start whenever you like, ride whatever you like, just don't be late. 

The Idea

This ride is all about community, bringing people together to share in an adventure together. Sick of stressful pre-ride briefings? Don't like being left behind? Then this ride is for you. Starting when you like, riding at your own pace, you will soon be joined by others who will all be reaching the finish line together on time. 

Cue the Big Finish Line Party! #DontBeLate

Towns of previous #BigFinishLineParty

2021 - Reefton (Minutes here, Report from Grant Guise here, Video from Rob Dawson here)

2022 - Naseby (Minutes here) 

2023 - Saturday 28th October - Blenheim   

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