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By choosing to ride a Great Kiwi Gravel route in the desired style you agree to...

Carry all your own gear

This means no support crews, no stashing of supplies/equipment. 
Any pre-arranged gear/ food drop must be at a commercial enterprise or post office that is equally available to all and normally offers the service to the public.


Ride the Route under your own steam

Not seek or gain assistance from other riders, including drafting. Take full responsibility for your own safety and well-being. If you need assistance, organise it yourself.  You need to have the means (tools, spares etc) and ability to solve your issues as they arise. If there is a medical situation riders are expected to help each other. If there is a question of safety, like river crossing or bad weather over a pass, team up for sure.


Follow the Course

Follow 100% of the course as defined by the GPX file. If you leave the course you must re-join it where you left. Failure to follow the route for any advantageous distance (intentionally or unintentionally) will result in your tracker being marked as "off route" and a DNF.


Ride Solo or as a Team

Teams of riders are allowed. Teams can share equipment and assist each other – but no drafting. A team will be considered 'finished' if all riders finish. If one rider fails to finish, the team will be classified as Unranked. Don't set off with the intention to ride the course “solo” with your mate(s). If you want to do that, be in a team


Carry a Tracker

Due to the superior reliability of their tracking, Spot trackers are the preferred tracking device. Garmin tracking services have a history of “dropping out” for periods of time in longer events.


Comply with the Law of the Land

You need to observe all rules laid down by landowners and managers: no camping/ overnighting on private land except where expressly allowed, bury all toilet waste, take all rubbish with you and shut gates! Remember too, obey the road rules and that roads are open to the public at all times.


Turn up ready to ride

Attend pre ride briefings, arrive ready to ride #dontbelate


Brevet Style

If you are riding a 'Brevet' ride or in the style of 'Brevet' you agree to spend at least one block of at least six hours not travelling between 9am one day and 9am the next day. 


Touring with a sense of urgency

This category does not have 'stand down' time periods. All other agreements must be followed. This category has special entry requirements, if you are up for riding with urgency, you will find out what is required to enter. 

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