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Edition Zero Rules

Nothing really happens without a good framework to help people play the same game. Edition Zero is a special gravel adventure and these rules are designed to keep you safe, create a community and establish healthy gravel adventure in New Zealand. 


  1. You must read and understand all sections of the event website relating to the entry policies

  2. Only registered riders are able take part in the event.

  3. Entries are not transferable. No person is permitted to ride under another person’s name for any reason at any stage

  4. Your race number must be clearly visible and attached to the front of your bike. No cutting, bending, editing or changing your number plate in any way. 

  5. All riders will attend pre-race briefings

  6. Riders will be courteous towards one another whilst racing.

  7. Riders will obey all NZ road rules when riding and racing on public roads – there are no road closures

  8. Riders must not ride more than two abreast

  9. Riders must ride in single file if impeding vehicle traffic behind you (NZTA road rule)

  10. Riders must not cross the road center line

  11. Riders must always keep as far left as possible, on all roads to ensure sufficient and safe passing space

  12. Riders must not deviate from the course or attempt to take shortcuts

  13. Riders will protect and respect the environment they are racing in. 

  14. Riders will not litter or leave any rubbish behind at any point. Rubbish is only allowed to be discarded at the event aid stations - Riders who litter will be disqualified!

  15. Riders will follow all race instructions given to them at the briefing and must adhere to the volunteers and marshals instructions at all times.

  16. A rider may not receive outside support whilst on course and must carry the necessary repairs & equipment with them.

  17. All gates must be left as they are found

  18. Riders expecting to be riding in the hours of darkness must have working front and rear facing lights

  19. Cut off times will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all riders and event staff

  20. Any rider withdrawing from the race must inform a Race Marshall at the first possible opportunity after the decision to withdraw is made

  21. iPods/headphones are not allowed as there may be emergency vehicles moving through the course.

  22. Aero Bars are not allowed at any time.

  23. Bikes must be in good condition and well maintained with good tires and brakes. It is highly recommended that your bikes are checked by a professional mechanic prior to the event

  24. Cycle helmets must be NZ Standards approved and worn at all times while on course

  25. Pedal Assisted E-Bikes are only permitted on the Snack Course

  26. Strictly no drafting of E-Bikes at any point, finish times will be recorded, but no prizes will be awarded to E bike riders

  27. Riders are not allowed to change bikes during the race

  28. The Race Directors reserve the right to withdraw any competitor they feel is in distress and would not be capable of completing the event at any stage.

  29. A breach of the rules that bring the integrity or reputation of the event into question will see a rider disqualified from the race

  30. Any rider found to be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will be removed from the event and banned from future events held by the organisers.

  31. A participant that locates another participant who is injured in a crash MUST STOP to make sure that person is okay.

  32. If the participant is injured to the extent they need medical support, you MUST stay with them and send the next participant to the next marshal to report the medical incident.

  33. The participants that stop to assist will be given a time adjustment based on their average speed

  34. The race director has a non-appealable right to disqualify for breaches of the rules and credit time for those who help other competitors in crash or injury situations

  35. The race director can alter the course or cancel the event for safety reasons, poor weather conditions or other circumstances that may adversely affect the nature or spirit of the event. If such a decision is taken entry fees are non-refundable or non-transferable

Entry Information

Event Cancellation / Refund / Late Entry Policy

In case of event cancellation, notice will be posted to the Great Kiwi Gravel Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as the Edition Zero Gravel Instagram account.

The Event Director reserves the right to alter the course due to weather, or other circumstances outside of the Event Directors' control. In the event of course alterations or a complete cancellation due to safety reasons from weather, or other circumstances outside of the Event Directors' control, there will be no refunds.

Edition Zero Gravel is an invitation event and the Event Director reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor at their discretion.

At no stage are entries transferable to other years

In case of COVID or other Government advised cancelation of the event, we will refund 50% of the entry fee.

Entries open on the 3rd of June (World Bicycle Day) and close on the 1st of November.

Between the 3rd of June and the 1st of November riders can:

  1. Withdraw for any reason (and receive a 75% refund of entry fee)

  2. Change categories (There is a cost for going ‘up’ an event)

  3. Transfer an entry to another person (Administration Process Fees may apply)


Entries close at midnight on 1st November, this means:

  1. All entries are non-transferable to other riders after the entry close date

  2. There are no refunds

  3. No late entries will be accepted for any reason

  4. No person is permitted to ride under another person's name for any reason at any stage.

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