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Hi there

Welcome to our "About" page. Here we are to write something that helps you understand who we are and why we do what we do. This is not something we normally write, we would rather get on with riding bikes. 

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How did this all start?

- Camping in the Molesworth one weekend, we were relaxing after dinner having ridden the St James loop when three cyclists arrived at the only water tap in camp. They all looked like they had had a big day. One decided to camp, the other two were pushing on, riding something called the Kiwi Brevet. Of the two guys pushing on, one told me to never ever ever do this, the other commented on my age and told me to do it at least once. 

Two years later I arrived at the start of the Kiwi Brevet to learn some very big lessons. It was great. Within a year of the Kiwi I had 'inherited' the hosting of the Kiwi and Le Petit Brevets from Scott Emmens. Great Kiwi Gravel was born and would not be where it is today without the great work and effort that had gone on before. 

Why Bikepacking

- Bikepacking is that mode of transport and adventure that truly lets you experience life at a good pace. Travelling through countryside, arriving in new towns and making new friends all from the comfort of a bicycle, this is a great way to go. We also appreciate the positive impact bikepacking has on the communities people adventure through and as a result host events throughout the SI of NZ to share this positive impact. Some people like to ride far, this is for them.

Why Gravel

- Gravel riding is a buzz at the moment, Edition Zero is an exciting idea that is proving to capture the imagination of many. Some people like to ride fast, this is for them. 


Why the 'Shop'?

- Hosting events, while fun, isn't free. We don't want to add an entry cost to bikepacking events so the shop is a way for us to support our event hosting in exchange for something that is of value to you. 

Who are we?

- Well, the 'we' is really just 'me', Andy C. I make maps for a job, ride bikes for fun, am a dad to one very adventurous girl and one growing lad and host Great Kiwi Gravel to have a positive impact on community. I am indebted to the support from my wife Jess in pursuing the development of the GKG Community.  

Got Questions / Want to talk? 

- Email us via

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