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Edition Zero Gravel 2023 - 3rd Newsletter

Welcome to event week, well done on making it this far! We hope you are looking forward to putting all of your hard preperation to good use this weekend in Waimate.

For this newsletter we need to talk about race plates, gravel, keeping left, prize giving and of course the Village hosted by The Collab!

Lets get started;

  1. Race Plates

Race plates must be attached to the front of your bike, they must not be cut or tampered with and they must be flat facing forward. This is for your own safety and the smooth running of the event. They double as your timing device. If they are tampered with or unable to be read, then you will likely end up with a DNF. Please enjod some good examples from 2022 thanks to Harry Talbot.

Joesph Nation with a good number plate
Looking good number 88. Thirty something looks like it was cut :(
21 nice and easy to read!
Not good, do not do this! Good thing we can recognise Kees by his sunnies

2. Gravel

We have just completed a full course inspection, be prepared for lots of gravel, lots of hills and lots of blind corners. Please remember that the racing line is never on the wrong side of the road.

For Mains riders, the descent off Meyers is chunky - please ride with caution.

3. Prize giving!

This kicks off in the village at 5pm. Please bring your race plate. Mains riders, if you are using Strava, please upload your ride prior to prize giving to be in for the Shimano KOM / QOM challenge. Strava segment here A special thanks to whoever named it.

4. The Village - Hosted by the Collab

Make sure you stick around and enjoy the community, a brew from the Lighthouse and the very best in Fish and Chips from the Chippy!

The village will remain open until everyone is home - stick around to cheer in the riders throughout the evening.

Travel safe this week and we will see you all on Friday for Rego at the Scout Den, Victoria Park from 3pm.

Thanks for being here

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