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Kiwi Brevette

The Kiwi Brevet was the original bikepacking event in New Zealand started by the Kennett Brothers in 2010. Taking in the Top of the South , the grand depart for the Kiwi was held every odd year starting on the first Saturday in February, the Kiwi started and finished in Seymour Square, Blenheim, following the standard Great Kiwi Gravel agreements. 

This event lives on in a shortened format known as the Brevette. 

The Story

In 2008 Simon Kennett rode the Great Divide and decided to replicate the experience here in New Zealand. After much scheming, exploring and planning the Kiwi Brevet was born. February 2010 saw over 70 people tackle the challenge around the top of the South Island, the first ride of it's kind in New Zealand. 

The original Kiwi bikepacking ride, it has gone on to spawn numerous routes, facilitate friendships, adventures and continues to provide a sizable challenge to all who start. 


Over the years there have been a lot of people enjoy this ride and the original blog holds all the ride history, reports, photos, advice and tips. You can check it out here.

The next Kiwi will take place in 2025. 


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