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Welcome to 2024

Updated: Jan 17

Welcome to a new year, somethings stay the same, some things change.

In short, here is the calendar for the year ahead - hopefully this does not need to change throughout the year. We have moved a couple of things around to reduce event clashes, and to make the most of good weather - no promises.

Tuatara 1000 / Iti / Little Iti - Last Saturday in February (24th)

The Tuatara starts in Gore, Southland from the Trout Statue on Saturday 24th of February. Tracking turns on from 6am with the ride officially starting at 7am. Riders have until 8pm the Sunday 3rd of March to complete their adventure. Tracker collection will be from the Trout from 5pm until 8pm on the Friday night.

#BFPL The Big Finish Line Party - Saturday 19th October

This gathering has moved slightly, but it is still the same concept - ride your bike, adventure, make friends and join us at the end of your adventure for dinner, yarns and adventure recapped. Location is currently being scouted - as per the advice from the 2023 #BFLP.

Le Petit Brevet - Saturday 9th November

While you might not notice, this one has moved as well. Two weeks after the #BFLP and two weeks before #EZG. The annual extravaganza of groveling up hills returns to Hansen Park and the Peninsular once again. Will it rain? Probably.

Edition Zero Gravel - Last Saturday in November (30th)

Scheduled to always be the last Saturday in November, once again EZG returns bringing adventure, challenge and community to the gravel roads, country halls and Velodrome of the Waimate District. Some special planning is already underway for some fresh routes, more adventure and some secrets too.

While there are four opportunities for you to ride your bike with Great Kiwi Gravel this year, it is important to note that you do not need to wait for an 'event' to go for an adventure. Grab a map, draw a line, make a plan and off you go, make sensible decisions about sleep, land access and nutrition. We just ask that you have a great time and share your adventure.

Other Events...

If you need an event to get your bike out of the shed, then there are a few we recommend (this list is not complete or exhaustive), in no particular order.

Whitehorse Big Easy - Sunday 7th April

If you own running shoes or a mountain bike - this event is for you. A great locally hosted community event.

Carrot Cake Chase

We are not yet sure if this is on in 2024, but keep an eye out and join in for the best in Bikepacking introductions, cake chasing and late night yarns.

Muddy Gumboot Events - 6hr McLeans Island

If you like riding a long way without going too far, or love riding with your mates, this is the event for you. Host by a great team, this is well worth getting into.

Slicks and Stones - Apiti 17th February

In the North Island, this is the gravel race for you - but do not delay, it is not far away.

Glenorchy Gravel Grind

We are not sure when the 2024 edition will take place, but thanks to a fantastic local host crew and some of the best scenes in the world! Yes, in the world, we are sure hopeful the GGG will be back for 2024.

Gravel in Paradise Series - 24 March / 14 April / 5 May

The original gravel series, the very best in white roads. Get into NZ's only gravel series and enjoy all that North Otago has to offer.

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