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Big Finish Line Party 2023

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The interest is growing, the location is set, now it is time to share the details, trails and routes so you can plan your annual leave, accommodation and gear list.

When: Saturday 28th October 5pm

Where: Dodson Street Beer Garden - Blenheim

What: A gathering of people with stories of a fresh adventure

Rules: Ride whatever you would like, start whenever you would like, just #dontbelate

The ideas behind the route:

  • Get people out and about on an adventure

  • Give people a choice to create their own adventure

  • Make it accessible to the North Island

  • Provide some scope for TTW training (hike a bike/terrible)

  • Include a boat (or two)

So with that in mind, here is all the information to get your planning underway

Start: Wherever you would like, Wellington, Nelson and Hanmer Springs are all good options. Starting in Blenheim would mean very little riding after the #BFLP

Interesting sections / routes / trails to include in your adventure:

One of our good friends sent through this collection of trails and sectors that are worth linking together and exploring for an adventure worthy of a few tales.

We tried to build a nice route linking them all together, but 'nice' is so subjective. Have a go and share your plans with us. We will then share them with everyone who registers.

Points of interest / Interesting Adventures along the way

  1. The Seddon Salt Ponds - hopefully you like sand, it is a challenge

  2. The Queen Charlotte Track - needs no introduction

  3. French Pass - the best out and back in NZ

  4. D'Urville Island - worth the trip

  5. Nydia /Archers Track - do not underestimate these

So with that in mind, please email us at to signal your intent to ride. Please let us know your starting location, and start date. Share your GPX files with us too.

See you there

Photo by John O'Malley: Kiwi Brevet 2021

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