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Minutes from the #BFLP AGM

Minutes of the AGM from the #BigFinishLineParty 30/10/2021

Location: Dawson Hotel, Reefton

Time: 5:30pm sharp #dontbelate

Present: A good number of the bikepacking community (Approx 42)

Apologies: C.O. (Plans change), R.H. (Thinking of you mate), L.C. (Something about a head wind)

Agenda Items:

Welcome - self explanatory

Course recap:

Start: Reefton

Westbank / Mauria Saddle / OGR / Paparoa / Waiuta / Big River + Transfers

Finish: Reefton

Start Dates:

Earliest: Monday - Wairarapa Crew (Value for money award)

Latest: Friday morning - Grant Guise (Who needs sleep anyway, was still late)

Biggest commute:

Alexandra: G.B. (Running gears for a change)

New Plymouth: P.D. (First Brevet ever, "what does 'brevet' even mean?)

Waikato (The COVID free part): R.C. (Well done!)


Well done everyone on showing up for a strange concept of a ride, well done on making it work for you and making it on time.


General discussion ensured as the room discussed what a town required for us to descend on it next year. The room quickly split into Team Alexandra and Team Havelock. The results of the conversation are embargoed until an appropriate date when such information is suitable to be shared. Both locations have their merits, but riding, reconnaissance and coffee testing is required before we can go "public"


A final thanks again for being such a friendly bunch who don't mind riding 485km and making friends along the way.

Matters Arising

There is a small matter of a bar tab that has been paid but needs squared up. Check your emails this week while we try sort this one out.

Meeting closed around 10 o'clock.

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