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Tuatara 2023 - All of the info

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

With 8 sleeps to go until the 2023 Tuatara sets off in a low key clockwise direction from Gore, here is all of the information riders, dot watchers and locals will need.

Tuatara 2022 - Myles Gibson having a chat

First things first - tracking (dotwatching) can be found here hosted by MAProgress. If you are riding, please make sure you are registered with MAProgress. You should have received your tracker via courier.

Friday night the 24th, from 5:30pm, we will be having a low key unimportant gathering for yarns, banter and tall tales at the Trout - this may relocate to somewhere with food - notice will be on our Instagram account. I will also have the MAProgress Spot trackers here for collection. If you are unable to make Friday, please let me know and arrive at 6:30am Saturday.

Saturday morning all rides will start from the Trout Statue at 7am. Please arrive ready for a briefing at 6:45am.

The Trout - Zeno arriving in for 2nd place, by 51mins (2022)

Navigation Files

All course navigation files are provided below, make sure you download and test the correct file for your ride. If you require a special file type, please let me know.

Tuatara 1000 Clockwise Files

Overall file

Download GPX • 2.99MB

Section Files

Download GPX • 816KB
Download GPX • 766KB
Download GPX • 851KB
Download GPX • 557KB

Tuatara Iti Clockwise Files

Download GPX • 864KB
Download GPX • 710KB

Tuatara Iti Anti-Clockwise Files

Download GPX • 748KB
Download GPX • 456KB

Little Tuatara Iti File (So short it only needs one file)

Download GPX • 475KB

The Little Tuatara Iti is new for 2023, and a really just an excuse to put a short line on a map, then go for a ride.

In the meantime, as always, happy packing and we will see you in Gore soon.



PS thanks to Steve Garratt for the photos

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Do we get trackers on Friday or Saturday?


Chris O'Leary
Chris O'Leary
Feb 19, 2023

Here we go !😀

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