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Tuatara 2022 Tracking

As the Tuatara 2022 kicks off this weekend you will be keen to know how to follow along.

There are two main ways to engage with the Tuatara adventure....

  1. Dot Watching - thanks to MAProgress!

  2. Join the Facebook Commentary Group

Dot Watching will show you where everyone is, where they are headed next and many more statistics to keep you well entertained.

The Facebook group will be where most photos and stories will be shared, it is also the place for the daily updates and is a great place to post photos if you get out Dot Watching.

Heading to the Otago Coast - John O'Malley 2021

However you engage with the event remember the following.

  1. Riders are unsupported

  2. Be kind and courteous

  3. Don't get in the road or be on the road

  4. Always ask before you take a photo or quiz riders, sometimes they just need to think, especially at resupply points.

  5. If someone doesn't stop, that is okay, this is their sport and they will be moving at pace. (Others will stop and say even if you just wave)

But above all, enjoy your week of dot watching and if you are fortunate to live on course, get out and make some noise in support.


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