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Tuatara 2022 Day 3 (Monday)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We have a top three finished! I did not think I would be writing that sentence on only day three.

Today has been a blur of activity as people moved around the coast at pace, while the front of the ride found the hills between Dunedin and Gore.

The winning move was made on Sunday evening when Matt Zenovich took the time for a sleep and Martin Strelka joined Sunday and Monday together.

Despite Matt's very best efforts, Martin held an ever shrinking lead all the way to finish to claim first. Matt rolled in 51 minutes later.

Martin finished at 6:21pm (59 hours, 21 minutes)

Matt finished at 7:12pm (60 hours, 12 minutes)

It was great to see the top two able to compare notes and enjoy the satisfaction of a ride well done.

Rounding out the top three was Myles Gibson finishing at 11:20pm (64 hours, 20 minutes)

Despite his best efforts on Saturday to puncture his way out of the race, Myles put in an incredible effort to come in a full 11 hours faster than last year.

Congrats to all three on a charging ride!

Meanwhile out on course the leading couple of the Brevet ride met up near Kaka Point. Geof riding Anti clockwise, Denise riding clockwise.

Reon Nolan continued to have knee trouble but pushed on to Dunedin where he made the decision to withdraw. (Tennis ball knee anyone?)

Short course riders began to enjoy the hills around Lawrence where the views are spectacular.

While finding resupplies continues to be a main game of the ride. Here is Trent enjoying Owaka.

Now that the 'urgency' has gone out of the front of the ride, we will be able to get around more of the course and are looking forward to spending some more time with the riders who are here for the feed, not the speed.

Keep an eye out for the film crew, who knows, you might score an interview.

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