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Tuatara 2022 Day 2 (Sunday)

Sunday on the Tuatara has been host to a wide range of emotion, achievement, difficult decisions and patches of gravel.

Our day started bright, fresh and early in Gore once again at the Trout. Another wave off to explore the grit, sushi and sunshine of Southland.

Back with the Urgent riders, much had changed overnight. Well, their location had, but Matt was still firmly in front, having made it all the way to Fortrose before getting a couple of hours rest.

Further back Steve and Martin continued to stick to their game plans, forward progress, minimal stops and expecting to rest when they have finished.

Myles scored a couple of hours kip in a shed before sneaking back into second place. His Instagram updates have provided great entertainment, while his calorie choices have been interesting. A whole salami anyone?

Sadly we have had a number of people have to scratch today. Thomas Watson arrived into Invercargill with the resurgence of a chest infection - sensible option to put recovery first. Andrew Trevelyan has put his commentating career ahead of his riding career, detouring to Gore to help me writing these daily updates (This might not be true). Not everyone has a successful saddle interface after 400km of Southland Gravel.

Brent Jamieson detoured from the Iti into Milton where he was collected by a friend. After a stellar first day, day two nutrition didn't result in sufficient forward progress.

Further afield in Dunedin a midday rider scored a space on the only ferry crossing of the day. Sadly due to COVID the ferry is only running for charters. Sadly Brevet riding is not conducive to chartering ferries.

Marie (One Roxy) is well out in front of the Clockwise brevet, while not a race, she is making short work of the harder half of the course.

Geof Blance continues to roll with the Urgent lads while being firmly in Brevet mode.

Reon Nolan made a big splash on Day 1 and has continued to forward progress today. While the pace has buttoned back a little, the distain for gravel has only increased. At the time of writing Reon has made it to Owaka where we hope he gets some rest and sustenance to get him to the finish. Don't put yourself in the gutter Reon!

Special mention goes to Ronel Cook who took home 3rd place in her category at the NZ XC Nationals. Ronel was unable to join us this year due to a knee injury. Injuries and 1100km do not mix well. Thankfully XC was fine. Well done Ronel, we do miss you though!

7:36pm saw us back down at the Trout to welcome in Scott Hodges after completing a rather quick lap of the Iti course. With a grin, a laugh and sigh "Do not ask me that yet, but yes, I will be here next year". Well done Scott, we hope you enjoy work tomorrow.

How good to be greeted by family! Speaking of family, check out our favourite family enjoying the Catlins coast below.

We hope you have enjoyed your weekend of dotwatching and that tomorrow the Tuatara doesn't distract you from too much work.

Here we leave you with something special to wrap up day 2. How good!

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