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Thanks - Edition Zero Gravel

As we journey through adventures there are people who inspire, help, coach and serve, often with very little recognition. Edition Zero would not have been possible without significant support from many many people.

This blog is to recognise and thank these people!

The chosen 12!

Edition Zero started out as a two day bikepacking ride with a pretty long commute squashed into a weekend - following this nice weekend away and as the idea percolated, I invited a chosen 12 to come and complete a test ride. Seven riders took part in an adventure in December 2021, great weather, great roads and some fantastic photos summed up a great day on the bike. A special thanks to these lads for responding to my vague email and showing up to a ride where they didn't even know who else was joining them.

Test run views - Toby Roberts

The first request for interest

I knew there was no point trying to make something happen if the local community was not interested. The Waimate Cycling Club were very quick to respond and this led to a number of Skype calls, many txt messages and so many local contacts! A special thanks to Steve Fish for being a great link into many pieces of local knowledge.

The Waimate District Council

Emailing the Mayor of Waimate, Craig Rowley, at 9pm one night, the last thing I expected was a response seven minutes later. The gist of his response was 'great idea, how can we help?' - off to a great start.

Within weeks another zoom call was convened and I meet Lara and Lisa. Once we cleared up that my idea was legit, Lara become my Council contact and from there things started to fall into place.

A special thanks must be noted for a council who supports their community, proactively provides advice, contact and direction to event instigators along with always being willing and able to answer the 1001 questions. Thank you Lara and the team for making EZ22 possible!

Early doors leaving Waimate - Dominic Blissett

The team

Angus and Sandra reached out via Instagram and quickly joined the crew bringing a wealth of experience, understanding and willingness.

They then introduced me to Ryan who didn't take too much convincing to join the madness.

Together they all opened so many doors and made the impossible possible every step of the way. I am forever grateful for their knowledge, experience and support for the adventure.


What are great memories without some fantastic photos to help keep the memory alive?

A very special thanks to Dominic for understanding the vision and getting Fiona involved. Thanks Fiona for having a great day on the short courses with a strange chauffeur. (Thanks Toby). And thanks Harry for understanding that having a good day would be the best way to have a good day!

The way you have all captured the story and region has been amazing, thank you so much!

Finding the smooth line - Visuals of Harry

The Sponsors

Julbo New Zealand - Grant backed the idea from day one, Julbo got behind Edition Zero Gravel in many ways. You enjoyed them hosting the Cannington Aid Station, and we greatly appreciated their presence, banter and help at every step of the way. Oh and they look after my eyes pretty darn good too! Thanks Grant! (and Scott)

NS Carbon - Hugh quickly got in touch and NS Carbon came on board, supporting in the back ground with many little things you would have seen but not known who did them! NS Carbon also hosted the Cattle Creek Aid station - a little respite in the middle of a long ride: how good! Thanks NS Carbon for understanding what we were creating and helping us achieve that. Enjoy these great photos from Hugh!

SJ Mitchell Builders - Scotty is a legend and provided all our event traffic management - a legend who makes the complicated simple and solves challenges before the are unknown!

Thanks Scotty!

Squirt provided chain lube and barrier cream, thanks for supporting the idea of Gravel from very early on! How good!

Tailwind provided nutrition for our aid stations! I do not think I have meet someone who gets as excited as Mark about events! How good to have support and excitement for adventure - and a great product too!

TeamCP got on board really early with training plan support for riders!

Scarlett Hydraulics sorted our water supply for the Mackenzie Basin. We know this area can be very very hot and did not want anyone running out of water. Thanks Shane!!

iRide Wellington got very excited about some gravel racing happening in South Canterbury and sent a great big box of spot prize goodies! Andrew from iRide is a Canterbury lad at heart and very supportive of our adventure - thanks Andrew

Marleen also provided a box of spot prize goodies too! Thanks to Graham, Hayden and Jeremy for listening and supporting our ideas!


The Timaru Amateur Radio Club spent many many hours planning and scouting the route to make sure they could provide radio coverage across the whole course, for the whole day. A huge effort by this club meant we knew where everyone was and could respond to challenging situations as they arose. Without this club, their expertise and support - Edition Zero would not have happened!

The South Canterbury Mtb Club provided our recovery vehicles, drivers and hosted the Hunter Hall aid station! How good to have a roaring fire on a day like that? Thanks team.

Georgia delivered all of the Entree bags to Cannington to ensure everyone got their supplies, a job no one thinks of, but totally would have noticed if it did not happen.

Waimate Locals

Paul, Justin, Steve, Graeme, Nigel, and Peter all got stuck into various roles to make the weekend a success. No doubt you would have met some of them out on course! Thank you for leveraging your local knowledge and helping us out.

A special thanks to Ben who is completing his William Pike Challenge for helping us throughout the weekend too!

Thanks to the famers who put off moving stock, who got out on course and cheered people on, who took photos and to the two lads making bacon butties and handing out Double Browns - classic, thank you!

To the farmer on Meyers Pass, thank you for setting your gates so riders had the minimum to open and close, this required a significant shift in your farming operation for the weekend and we are very grateful.

ProMED provided our medical cover, with responders throughout the course there to help if needed - thankfully not many of you needed their help.


Edition Zero is very thankful for a great set of local community assets that provide refuge, shelter, and facilities throughout the route - we could not have wished for a more welcoming community!

Cannington School with 13 pupils welcomed our first aid station! Cell phone coverage is coming for 2023.

Hunter Hall provided a place of respite and warmth for the Entree and Snack.

Cattle Creek Hall played host to the second bag drop aid station for the Mains and Waihaorunga Hall topped it off before the last stretch back into Waimate.

Waimate Scouts and their Den played host to event HQ and rego - a very special thanks to the Scouts for letting us move in for 4 days! Such a great facility right on the park!

Victoria Park - Camping, Gardens and Velodrome

What a spot, the Parks and Camping team did a fantastic job keeping the whole area in tip top shape, thank you so much for maintaining such a great facility. I know you are already scheming for 2023!

Family and Friends

To all the family and friends who helps, Nathan, Mitchell, Lyndsay, Mum and Dad! Thanks so much!

To Jess, Ruby and Angus - thanks for being a part of the adventure and supporting it all along the way!

To you!

If you rode or supported someone to ride, thank you so much! Edition Zero is about creating the adventure that results in community, thank you for taking on a brand new adventure and being a part of that community.

Thank you for looking after each other on course, for taking the adventure in your stride and for riding really well!

We hope you had a great weekend with us and have enjoyed scrolling through and sharing the photos!

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