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Kiwi Brevet / Brevette 2023

Hi there and welcome to the official update for the 2023 Kiwi Brevet / Brevette.

With so many bikepacking events on through this part of the year we are hosting what could well be the smallest Kiwi Brevet ever. As the original Bikepacking event in NZ, it is exciting that we are able to carry it on and enable a few people to enjoy an adventure.

Reefton at daybreak - Photo by John O'Malley

Key points to note for 2023... we are riding anti clockwise, this means both courses will enjoy the Port Underwood road on day one. 2022 saw significant storm damage to the region and ongoing roadworks and repairs are very present. As a result, please ride with caution at all times and expect slips, trail damage and interesting road conditions.

All private property is not to be camped on, particularly McDonald Downs Station (Brevet only). We are thankful for the access we have been given and treat this section as a privilege to ride through.

The Rainbow Rd has a toll (info here) please follow their Facebook page for road status updates (Brevette only)

Although you might want to include the St James cycle way into your adventure, sadly the bridge has not yet been replaced.

Friday night, we will gather from 5:30pm at the Dodson St Beer Garden for a relaxed evening, yarns and to collect Spot trackers.

Saturday morning we will gather in the Seymour Square garden for the ride briefing and start. Please arrive by 7:45am for the briefing, ready to ride at 8am.

Navigation files can be downloaded here... please note these are GPX files and have been split up to accomodate most devices.

Kiwi Brevette Files

Blenheim to Wakefield

Download GPX • 776KB

Wakefield to Blenheim

Download GPX • 491KB

Kiwi Brevet Files

Blenheim to Murchison

Download GPX • 1.38MB

Murchison to Arthurs Pass

Download GPX • 617KB

Arthurs Pass to Culverden

Download GPX • 458KB

Culverden to Blenheim

Download GPX • 619KB

If you wish to dotwatch the ride and follow along online, please visit MAProgress here for your tracking link.

In the meantime, happy packing, if you have any questions, please let me know.

See you in Blenheim soon.


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