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Edition Zero Gravel - 2nd Newsletter

Welcome to the second newsletter for Edition Zero Gravel.

If you are reading this and would like to know where Newsletter 1 is, please check it out here

This week, let's talk car parking, event registration, "The Village", prize giving and of course - rubbish!

Carparking: It is really important that everyone is respectful of the neighbourhood we are in, especially for the Mains riders who are arriving at the Velodrome early in the morning.

Mains Riders: Please DO NOT Park on the following streets!

Naylor St

Tennant St

Shearman St

Please do park on Hillary or Queen Streets.

Remember to move about quietly and keep the conversations down, yes, we are excited at 5am in the morning, but the neighbourhood will still be very much asleep!

Event Registration:

Kicking off at the Velodrome Village hosted by The Collab, Rego will once again be in the Scout Den. This closes at 8pm and there is no Mains Registration on Saturday.

Saturday Rego opens from 7am.

The Village - Hosted by The Collab

At the same time as Rego on Friday the village will be alive, there are numerous brands showcasing some of the latest, greatest and localist kit in the cycling world, come and have a meander, spin a yarn and make a friend or two.

While there you can fill your carbo needs thanks to The Chippy - serving the best in Fish and Chips with a British twist, supported by the Lighthouse Brewery - watch out for a special EZ cup.

On Saturday the village will be alive from about 10:30am through until late - helping you refresh, recharge and celebrate a great day on your bike.

Prize giving: Starts at 5pm. If you think you have got a placing, please bring your number plate.

If you are not at prize giving, you will not be able to claim your prizes.

KOM Challenge:

Torq Events are currently running a great Hill Climb challenge throughout the North Island - we decided with the help of Shimano to host a little something special ourselves. If you are riding the Mains, there is a well named Strava segment on Parkers Bush Rd that will be timed via Strava. There will be prizes for the KOM and QOM, the segment will also be signposted.

To qualify, your ride will need to be public on Strava by prize giving.


Please discard your rubbish into the rubbish bins at the aid stations or finish line - not anywhere else. Especially do not drop your rubbish out on course. If you are observed littering, you will not get a finishing time. This is an adventure, that means we leave no trace.

We hope you have a great week, enjoy some last minute training (do not over train) and standby for Newsletter Number 3.

Will the crowd be this big?

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