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Edition Zero Gravel 2023 - 1st Newsletter

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Welcome to the 1st Newsletter where we hope your training is going well, your nutrition is on point (thanks Tailwind and Roam), your drivetrain is running smoothly (thanks Squirt) and you are getting excited about the big day!

That last Mains climb from 2022 - Visuals of Harry

This newsletter is designed to answer a few common questions and set you up for a successful adventure in South Canterbury. As such, please take your time to read all of this newsletter, there is a lot of information here worth reading.

So, without further ado, in no particular order, lets get into the interesting information!


Edition Zero is set up as an adventure, this means things might well be different from your usual events. Please take note of the following so you can be prepared for your adventure.

  1. Gravel: seems a bit strange to be talking about this, but there is lots of gravel of all different sizes on course, Be prepared for the road to not be smooth, for the gravel to vary and for the riding to be hard

  2. Fords / Creeks / Waterways: The course crosses a number of fords, please take care when crossing

  3. Hills: For every up hill, there is a down hill, while nice for a rest of the legs, one must always remain under control

  4. Gate: There are a couple of gates on the Mains course, please leave these as you find them

All roads are open, this means you can expect to find other road users at all times, locals, tractors, maybe even some stock. KEEP LEFT at all times and be prepared to make room / make way. It is an adventure after all.

Road Rules: All road rules must be obeyed at all times, keeping left, not riding more than two abreast, stopping, giving way etc are all a part of the adventure.

Navigation: Please get your event GPX files here... signage is provided for the Entree, Snack and Roam Energy Taster, however we do recommend you have a means of navigating yourself.

You will need a means of navigation for the Mains.

DO NOT use any files from 2022 as all of the courses have changed.

EZ23 Taster
Download GPX • 89KB
EZ23 Snack
Download GPX • 181KB
EZ23 Entree
Download GPX • 307KB
EZ23 Mains
Download GPX • 572KB


It is really important that you understand how much of a challenge this event is. Plan your kit, service your bike and be prepared for a great day of challenge. If you do not believe us, ask anyone who joined in the fun in 2022.

Aid Stations: We have aid stations dotted around the event to provide you with water, you drop bags and facilities. Each aid station will have a timing mat, please make sure you pass by this correctly.

Drop Bags: Each rider will be given a drop bag at registration, this is for you to fill with food, nutrition and anything spare you wish to have on hand at the aid station. Please bring these with you to the event briefing and we will transport them to and from the aid station for you.

Mains riders will receive two drop bags.

Medical Support: There will be medical support at Cannington, Cattle Creek and the village, if you need any assistance, please alert one of the team.

Withdrawing: If for any reason you cannot continue on and you wish to withdraw from the event, please check in with the Tail End Charlie, the Aid station crew or the finish line village. Please do not just abandon the course and disappear.


This event is also focused on creating a community of riders, participants, supporters while having a positive impact on the host community. To achieve this, there are a few key things that must happen.

Registration: Everyone must register for the ride, there is no Saturday event registration for the Mains riders. Registration on Friday opens at 3pm and closes at 8pm

Gravel Expo: New for 2023, during event registration we have a number of Cycling brands setting up to meet and greet while showcasing some of the latest tech in cycling. Do not miss it.

Event Briefings: These take place 15 minutes prior to the ride starting, everyone must attend, they will be located on the grass between the Village and the Velodrome - #dontbelate

Rubbish: Littering of any kind is totally unacceptable! There will be rubbish bags for you at the aid stations, otherwise be sensible and respectful, carry all your rubbish with you!

On Course Support: Given this is an adventure and people are travelling from all over to attend, this event is strictly unsupported. This means that there is no personal on course support. No one other than official event staff will be allowed into the Aid Stations!

Finish Line and Village: Once again the event will finish with two laps of the Waimate Velodrome. Please follow the taped CX style path into the velodrome, please complete two laps keeping an eye out for faster traffic and please exit the velodrome via the marked pathway.

Once out of the Velodrome, enjoy our village where the Lighthouse Brewery will have refreshment flowing and The Chippy will help with your carb replacement requirements.

Prize giving: This will take place at 5pm, it will be worth attending. Please bring your number plate with you.


We hope your last few weeks of training and preparation go really well, travel safe and we will see you all in Waimate soon.

Stay tuned for the next newsletter where we talk about some of the fun challenges, on course support and prizes for 2023.

Thanks for being here

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