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Drop Bags + Aid Stations

There are a number of on going questions about the drop bag service we are running.

So here are some answers and the weekend plan to help you get the most out of your drop bag.

Drop bag collection

At event registration you will collect your drop bags. They will be coloured as per aid station and numbered with your race number.

Drop bag contents

What you put in your drop bag is up to you, we recommend a good resupply in food, nutrition and snacks. A spare tube or two, and if you want bottles to swap out at the aid station. (Mains riders would benefit from packing some lights into their second drop bag if they are expecting to be riding after 8pm)

Drop bag drop off

Please bring your drop bag to your event briefing where you can drop them to us - we will get these to the aid station where they will be ready for you.

Aid Stations

Each aid station will have water and Tailwind. The last aid station on each course will also have chips, lollies and some caffeine infused hydration (no espresso, sorry Greg) to get you home.

Your drop bag will be laid out for you ready to collect and use at the aid stations. When finished, place your drop bag in the finished pile and we will get it to the velodrome for you.

Cannington Aid Station (Mains and Entree)

The Cannington aid station is a compulsory visit. Riders must call in and cross the timing mat.

Have fun planning what you are going to eat!

See you soon.

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1 Comment

Greg Manson
Greg Manson
Nov 07, 2022

I'll pack some espresso shots

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