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Big Finish Line Party 2022 Agenda

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The committee have convened, the word is out, #BFLP is coming to Naseby for 2022.

#BFLP is about the people : Photo by B Pheasant

A special thanks to all who suggested Naseby and to Brendan Pheasant for providing the local knowledge, way point ideas and great photos for this blog.

In the interests of not over complicating things we have a list of waypoints to journey between, allowing you to create your own adventure, ensuring you are not late. #dontbelate

Date/Time: 29th October 2022 / 5:30pm

Start / Finish: The Royal Hotel Naseby

Way points (Anti Clockwise Order)

Kurow (via Danseys Pass)

Omarama (via Alps to Ocean)

Bannockburn (via many options)

Poolburn (via many options, play it safe if bad weather)

Rock and Pillar (may options here too, play it safe if bad weather)

As you can tell, the way points allow for adventurous route planning and a lot of fun in creating the path you will take. Use as many or as few waypoints as you would like. This region is rife with great cycling infrastructure and we encourage you to use as much or as little as you would like.

Danseys Pass : Photo by B Pheasant

The Central Otago area is also known for some interesting weather at the best of times, please plan and prepare accordingly for all temperature ranges, weather conditions and potential route adaptations as weather disrupts.

As you plan your adventure and wish to register, please post your intention to not be late on social media and tag us with @greatkiwigravel and #BFLP

See you there

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