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#BFLP 2023 AGM Minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the #BigFinishLineParty was held on Saturday the twenty eighth day of the tenth month in the year two thousand and twenty three.

Convening at the Dodson St Beer Garden, a jovial, friendly bunch gathered.

Weather: cool

Atmosphere: pleasant

Food: plentiful

Conversations: Freely flowed

Food was delivered and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The agenda was tabled by the instigator and what followed is recorded below.

1. #dontbelate

Everyone including the instigator arrived on time (just). Tall tales where shared of a certain M.S. putting on the pace, eating some wind to get his friends to the party in time. It is to be noted that this is not the first #BFLP where he has provided this service.

2. Where are we from?

Rather than simply take a roll call, some people enjoy travelling off the radar, an account was taken as to the extent of the geographic representation present. Recorded as follows...

Southland: Absent

Central Otago: Present

Canterbury: Present

West Coast: Present

Marlborough: Present

Nelson: Present

Tasman: Present

Wellington: Present

Wairarapa: Present

The rest of the North Island: Absent

NB: Two people did admit that Southland was their origin region

3. Did we have a good week?

A resounding yes was moved and all were in favor.

4. Where will the #BFLP be hosted in 2024?

A number of good options were presented with the following locations receiving the most interested support. In no particular order, as follows


Hanmer Springs

Mt Somers


It was moved by a well respected member of the room that "you just tell us where to be and we will be there" - This was agreed to by the room at large.

It was also resolved for 2024 a suggest route will be provided, but one needn't be restricted by the suggestion, for only one rule does apply #dontbelate

NB: Some regional bidding was entered into as the night progressed, bribery will not be tolerated.

This drew to a close the formal proceedings of the evening and people returned to the task at hand. Calorie replacement, conversation and tale telling.

A good night was had by all.

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