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2022 Calendar

Planning too far in advance isn't recommended these days. But if we don't plan something, nothing will actually happen.

So in the interest of making things that we would like to happen actually happen, here is the calendar of Great Kiwi Gravel rides, adventures, gatherings and fun for 2022.

As per usual, this list may change, dates might move and the list might get shorter. It is unlikely to grow.

Feb/March 2022 - Tuatara 2022 - 1000 and Iti (Brevet Bikepacking)

Starting in Gore on Saturday (and Sunday) 26th of February - this bikepacking adventure is fully subscribed. Follow along here as riders take in either 1072km or 478km of Southland and Otago. More details here

29 October 2022 - #BigFinishLineParty (Bikepacking + Gathering)

Location to be confirmed. However there will be single track, you will want suspension and of course #dontbelate.

19-20 November 2022 - Le Petit Brevet

Hansen Park - Christchurch 6am briefing. This adventure in grovelling up hills takes in the finest grades of the Banks Peninsula. Expect climbing, descending and more climbing.

26th November 2022 - Edition Zero - Entrée and Mains (Gravel Race)

Waimate South Canterbury, join us as we are bring some Gravel Racing into your life. More details here and make sure you follow along here #editionzerogravel

Happy riding, hopefully we see you out there.

Sea Level - Something to get familiar with during the Le Petit Brevet

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