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Edition Zero Gravel – October News

Welcome to the early October news update for Edition Zero Gravel 2022.

A lot has been going on lately and as a result we have a number answers to your questions and answers to questions you did not know you had. Read on to enjoy.

Let us talk about style…

Edition Zero Gravel is designed to be an adventure through some very special landscapes, down some ‘fun’ roads and past some majestic country side. As such, you need to be prepared for an adventure. This means the roads are open, the gravel might be ‘interesting’, navigation will require you to focus, gates might need to be opened/closed, stock movements might need to be observed with patience and friends will be made.

Sure, you might be here to race as fast as you possibly can, and that is great, but it must be within the laws of the land, countryside and road rules, not to forget the rules of the event!

Let us now talk tyres…

Tyres are a personal choice, (as is tyre pressure, the presence of tubes and the use of caffeine gels) and therefore, despite the many emails enquiring of my recommendation, my best advice is to share a video of the course to let you make up your own mind. Thanks to Andrew Trevelyan and his camera skills I can share this video with you of a lap of the Hunter Hills. Enjoy

A fresh take on aid!

No matter which course you are riding, the adventure is taking you a long way. The best way to fuel for a long ride is to stick to the fuel and nutrition you are used to.

So we are doing Drop bags for everyone. You can fill them up with your usual food, snacks and fuel. Don't forget to add some spare CO2, plugs, tubes and chain lube to keep your machine in good shape.

Once you have reached the aid station we will have your bag ready for you so you can recharge your pockets and sort your rig out. Fill your drop bag with your unwanted goodies ready for us to take back to the event village for you.

Speaking of the event village...

The Velodrome in Victoria Park is the place to collect your rego pack on Friday (3pm-8pm) and where we will gather for each race briefing.

When your finish you ride with two laps of the velodrome, we will be there to great you with a cheer, some goodies and a finish line village designed for you to relax, put your feet up and enjoy the community. (Oh and the village will have refreshments and food to refill your tanks).

Travel - where we call home

People are coming from all over NZ for this little adventure... check out our map! Please travel safe!

Course Cut off times

While most of our other rides allow you 8 days to finish, Edition Zero has slightly tighter time frames. As such we will be strictly enforcing cut off times to ensure the day is a safe success. A rule of thumb is to budget on riding faster than 15kmph average for the Mains.

Cannington Aid Station (67km) cut off: 10:30am

Cattle Creek Aid Station (166km) cut off: 5pm

Stand by for more news and answers later in October, happy riding.

Thanks for being here

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Great would love to find out more details about the Drop bags if possible. What's the exact size and weight limit?

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