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Seasonal Calendar 2022 into 2023.

Creating a simple calendar so people can remain informed can at times be fun. Do we talk about periods of time relative to seasons, years or a bundle of months?

None of this really matters too much when we are simply talking about the future, of the next while.

Descending towards Brighton - John O'Malley

So without further ado, here is a helpful list of dates for when you might be found riding your bike, making friends, travelling to new places and generally having an adventure.

29th October - Location TBD: The Big Finish Line Party is making a low key return for 2022. Scouting is currently happening all over the South Island to find a collection of riding that is safe from spring storms, suitable for an adventure with a finish worthy of a gathering. If you have a secret spot you would like to share - please let us know.

19-20th November - Le Petit Brevet Grand Depart returns to Christchurch. Once again setting off from Hansen Park to discover just how many hills there are on the Banks Peninsula, find out everything you need to know here, including GPX files.

25-27th November - Edition Zero Gravel is a happening in Waimate South Canterbury. A special one day gravel race to challenge all. Find out everything you need to know here.

People are travelling from far and wide to enjoy the gravel challenge and Velodrome finish provided by Edition Zero.

4-12th February 2023 - The Kiwi Brevet route will be populating the TOTS with riders once again. Subject to final land access permission the Kiwi Brevet and Brevette will provide challenge for all. The grand depart takes place early Saturday morning in Blenheim.

25th Feb - 5th March - The Tuatara 1000 and Iti returns in low key fashion to Southland. With routes very similar to 2022, 2023 will once again see a grand depart from Gore, with the option to ride either course in either direction.

Registration for the grand departs of the Kiwi and Tuatara will take place via GPS tracking registration through Maprogress. We will advise when this is available.

In the mean time, happy riding and adventuring. Thanks for being here.

Grand Depart Gathering LPB 2021 - S Waterhouse

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